• Children need places to take their minds for walks every day.

  • The love of learning blossoms best when the seed is planted early.

  • Disability detected early means more ability later.

  • Brains need exercise. Just like bodies.

  • Catching an infectious smile is good for you.

  • Melting pots cook up amazing communities.

  • Families go through tough times. But they keep going.

  • Self-esteem is the currency of a brighter future.

  • Every child deserves to enjoy childhood. No exceptions.

  • Educating our children today strengthens our community tomorrow.

Guided by these 10 TRUTHS, SouthSide Early Childhood Center delivers exceptional early education and nurturing childcare that inspires and prepares children for success.

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Katie Rahn, ED Headshot

SouthSide Names New Executive Director

After a lengthy search, including internal, local and national candidates, the Board of Directors of SouthSide Early Childhood Center is very pleased to name Katie Rahn as the new Executive Director. Ms. Rahn will succeed Anne Kessen Lowell, who led … Learn More >